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The Status Quo cuts through the hype to deliver the hottest local trends and businesses taking your town by storm. But here’s the twist: every business we feature is hand-picked from So, their buzz is backed by social responsibility.

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" was a game-changer for our local farm-to-table store! We got featured for our sustainable practices and commitment to local farmers. Suddenly, everyone was talking about us! Not only did sales skyrocket, but we connected with a whole new customer base who cares about the same things we do."
Sarah Jones, Owner
Owner green Grub Grocers
"We were a small after-school art program struggling to get noticed. highlighted our focus on arts education for underprivileged kids alongside our quirky claymation classes. We went viral overnight! Now, we have a waiting list and enough funding to expand our programs to another neighborhood."
David Lee, Founder
Artsy Afternoons
"I poured my heart into my family salsa recipes, but competition in the local market was fierce. discovered my story of honoring my heritage through food, and my commitment to donating a portion of profits to a local women's shelter. Now, my salsas are flying off the shelves, and I'm making a real difference in my community!"
Maria Sanchez, Chef
Spicy Salsas by Maria