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Wealth is a Choice #1

Wealth is a Choice By Mike Johnson Unlike Richie Rich, most of the financially wealthy are first-generation rich. Like everyone else, they were born naked & dealt a randomized hand. Natural talents. Physical limitations. Parent(s) with flaws. Some abuse, some love, lots of indifference. “The Rich” developed an interest in Read More

Grease on Earth #422

By Mike Johnson This sign hangs in the waiting room at my oil change place. Makes me chuckle every time. In fact, it makes me want to riff on this idea until I’ve created the definitive bible of such slogans. You know, The Oily Scriptures. Of course I’d hand-write the Read More

Shahzwar Bugti / Fake World Reality / Why it Matters

I’ve been getting messages from people asking me what difference it makes whether the Earth is round or flat, how it affects their lives, how it is the greatest deception in history and why it is the mother of all conspiracies? Now at this point, I find it necessary to Read More