Think you have a VIRAL  idea? Then this is the place to share it. Do you want to let the world know about your passions? Do you have a message to share with the world?

On GoesViral.Net, you can create your own webpage that will be a stage for showcasing your Viral IDEA!.  You can upload videos, articles and blogs that display the ideas you want to get out there. Here is a place to promote the ideas that excite you. Some examples might be:

Hobbies Political candidates Favorite Sport Artistry
Inspirations People you admire Kite flying Activities
Places to travel Your family Your Adventures Your inventions

Connect with people excited by the same ideas, and see just how infectious your passions can become.  Each video or article you upload to your Viral Idea page will be rated by the viewers and maybe shared over and over. The feedback you get from your pages might propel your idea and you to VIRAL stardom.

When you create a site this becomes a website address that you control. You should name your site after your passion. Some examples might be KetoDiet.goesviral.net, kiteflyingwars.goesviral.net,  parasailingwithFred.goesviral.net, FreedomBound.goesviral.net knittingwithMarie.goesviral.net, magneticfun.goesviral.net, RomeWithAllen.goesviral.net. This will make it easy for people to find similar passions and view your videos or read your blogs & articles.

Most of all have fun sharing  your Viral Ideas with others. Link your new site to your twitter account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, scoreboard account or  any other social network you might be a member of.

Thanks for your interest in this site.

From the Staff at GoesViral.net.   ENJOY!